Military Free Fall Training

Free Fall Training | HAHO | HALO | Static Line

Paraclete Aviation, LLC is a Veteran Owned Small Business that provides the highest level of Military Free Fall training. We understand the needs and requirements of our military clients. We also understand the need for precision, professionalism, and privacy. We are experienced in a wide range of military operations from static line to free-fall and have access to turbine powered side door and tailgate aircraft.

Our primary mission is to support parachuting and military Para drop activities both on and off military bases in the contiguous United States. Located in Raeford, NC, we are ideally situated 30 minutes Southwest of Fort Bragg.


Paraclete Aviation has demonstrated excellence in the following areas and more:

  • Basic Military Free Fall training
  • Basic Military Free Fall training in the wind tunnel
  • Static line training
  • Canopy Control Courses
  • Jump Master Courses
  • HAHO/HALO Jumps
  • Wind Tunnel Instructor training
  • AFF Instructor training

Paraclete XP SkyVenture, LLC, located 5 minutes from the dropzone, is the most advanced, powerful and realistic freefall simulator in the world. It is used for both civilian sport skydiving and military freefall training, including the U.S. Army’s Golden Knights, Special Forces, MARSOC, AFSOC Rangers, Navy Leap Frogs, and numerous other military units.