A military jumper preparing to exit a plane.


Aircraft Leasing | Military Free Fall Training | Military DropZones

Paraclete Aviation specializes in three primary areas of operation: aircraft leasing for civilian and military parachute operations, military free fall training and military dropzone operations. 

Aircraft Leasing

Paraclete Aviation has six turboprop aircraft in its fleet with the capability of acquiring other aircraft types for special operations. All aircraft are maintained by our in-house, full-time maintenance department which maintains FAA Part 91 standards.

Our fleet consists of:

All aircraft are have been inspected and are listed on the AMC approved list for Paradrops. Our Casa 212 aircraft are outfitted for static line operations.

Military Free Fall Training

The Paraclete Aviation team are experts in military free fall and civilian parachuting operations. 

Our capabilities include:

  • Basic Military Free Fall training
  • Basic Military Free Fall training in the wind tunnel
  • Static line training
  • Canopy Control Courses
  • Jump Master Courses
  • HAHO/HALO Jumps
  • Wind Tunnel Instructor training
  • AFF Instructor training

Additionally, Paraclete offers indoor free fall training with our state of the art indoor facility – Paraclete XP SkyVenture.

Military DropZone Support

Paraclete Aviation has three military-surveyed dropzones for training use including a static line dropzone available for lease.

Military Surveys

Download: PK Airpark DZ
Download: PK West DZ
Download: Raeford South DZ