A soldier descends under a round military parachute

Military DropZones


Military Free Fall Drop Zones

Paraclete Aviation has three different military surveyed drop zones available for use. One of our drop zones is surveyed for static line operations.

Additional amenities:

  • 500+ square foot climate controlled team room for packing, meetings, and classroom time
  • Large site surveyed grass landing area for MFF and static line missions
  • AMC approved aircraft and pilots
  • USPA group member
  • Static line capable
  • Brand new restroom and shower facilities
  • Professional packers available
  • Onsite full-Service Restaurant
  • Full-time staff onsite for assistance in cutaway recovery and aircraft loading
  • Covered outdoor packing area
  • Convenient to Fort Bragg, local hotels, and airports

Military Drop Zone Surveys

Download: PK Airpark DZ
Download: PK West DZ
Download: Raeford South DZ